Update on Fake Shell Nigeria Website

A necessary update on the previous post.

Based on our research and analysis of all available information, we had assessed that http://shell-ng.org/default.htm is a daring copy of http://www.shell.com/home/Framework?siteId=nigeria.

1. http://shell-ng.org/default.htm is a website with no REAL background whatsoever.
2. Before you paste http://shell-ng.org/default.htm into your address bar MAKE SURE your pop-up blocker is ACTIVE and your antivirus system is ON. Why? Go on.

3. When you go to the address, your browser will indicate: “22 pop-ups blocked” and you’ll also be notified the http://shell-ng.org/default.htm website is a virus-land.
4. At the shell-ng.org contact page, that is, http://shell-ng.org/shell_nigeria__contact_us.htm, the job scammers indicate fake addresses and dangerous emails. Do NOT use any of these, as they are all belonging to SCAMMERS. Go here if you want to contact Shell Nigeria.
5. Should we continue? Guess not. We’ve made our case.

If in doubt, please refer to Oil Offshore Marine Beware Job Scams Info or contact us for free advice.

Be smart,
Oil Offshore Marine


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