Statoil ASA “joins” the “League”

Yes, 100% accurate. Now it’s official: Statoil ASA ( “joins” the Job Scams “League” by having a Statoil Nigeria “Official” Website [make sure you pop-up blocker is active and your anti-virus is ON], this one

Up-to-date information can of course be found on Oil Offshore Marine Beware of Job Scams. is a FAKE website, designed to steal Statoil’s corporate identity and use it for FRAUD. For comparison, Statoil’s real website is and Statoil Nigeria contact details are these.

UPDATE: Following our official communication with Statoil Norway, the domain has been shut down on June 28, 2007. You can still view some snapshots below.

For our highly-trained eyes, is was clearly a scam as soon as we opened the webpage. But for those who do not have our expertise, let’s have some explanations put down.

We had determined that is a FAKE website, designed to steal Statoil’s corporate identity and use it in order to fool people most probably by issuing fake “job offers” and indicating they are originals issued directly by Statoil Nigeria. Many people might fall in their trap and lose identity, bank accounts info, and money.

Reasons for our conclusion:

1. has a very, very bad design, and absolutely no structure. But let’s leave this aside, and assume, just for the game, this is just a browser-display problem.

2. Statoil’s logo on is hilarious, since it’s deformed. When stealing it from Statoil’s real website, the job scammers probably didn’t think about having a nice logo.

3. The information presented on is extremely limited, poor in essence, but solves that by adding many photos.

4. At the Career information, meaning, the job scammers say that a certain “Harry Lukeman” is the executive vice president for corporate human resources ?!? The job scammers also indicate the Careers official email, which is; for those of you who don’t know, is a free email address provided by Had this been the real Statoil Nigeria, the email address should have been *** such as or or

5. The contact page, is simply stupid. Here’s what the scammers claim for address: Statoil Nigeria Limited, K/M 108 Industrial Layout, Yaba, Lagos State Nigeria. Tel: +234.703.151.0903 Fax: +234.82.8984, E-mail:

Now compare these with the real Statoil Nigeria contact details taken from here: Statoil (Nigeria) Ltd, 1A Bourdillon Road, P.O.Box 56190, Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria Tel: +234 1 269 0491 Fax: +234 1 269 1245

6. Now some IT info: was registered on June 2, 2007 at GKG.NET and is hosted on, IP from UK – is an US company. While seems to be a reliable company/web provider, obviously isn’t.

We have officially notified Statoil ASA on this issue.

Hope you enjoyed this “story”,
Best regards
Oil Offshore Marine

Supporting Attachments below:

Statoil Scam 1Statoil Scam 2


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