Dreaming of a Better Job? Keep Your Eyes WIDE OPEN!

Dreaming of a Better Job? Keep Your Eyes WIDE OPEN! Everyone dreams of a better life.
Many dream of a better job.
No one dreams of bad luck.
But if you run into a case such as the one below, and don’t have prior information, you’re right in the middle of bad luck.

So let’s see an example of how you, a jobseeker, can get into bad luck, meaning trouble. Well, you do a search on the internet, Google, Yahoo, or MSN, or other search engines.

And wanting to work for a big company, you get into the following website: http://shell-ng.org/default.htm. It seems everything is ok, and you email them your CV. And you patiently expect an answer, answer that comes within two days or so.

[Note: we did not put http://shell-ng.org/default.htm as a link for the simple reason that we don’t want to link to them; to go to this address yourself, activate your pop-blocker and make sure your antivirus is on, then open a new browser and tape http://shell-ng.org/default.htm ]

UPDATE: Following our official communication with Shell, the domain http://shell-ng.org has been shut down on July 13, 2007. You can still view some snapshots below.

You are informed that your qualifications have been found suitable for a job vacancy, and you are emailed a contract and asked to follow some strict procedures regarding insurance policy and work permit.

Subsequently you do exactly what they (http://shell-ng.org/default.htm) say, and then they inform you everything is fine, but in order to finalize the papers, you need to pay $2,800 for the insurance policy and $1,050 for the work permit. You think it’s a lot of money, but hey, you’ll be working with Shell and earning thousands of dollars each month so it’s worth it.

You pay all the requested money then wait to get the work permit, insurance policy and plane ticket. You give them details about your address, your banking details, your telephone numbers and other personal info. They tell you to wait. You wait.

You wait. And wait. And wait.

And wait.

And nothing happens. You think it’s a mistake and contact the guys at http://shell-ng.org/default.htm.

Guess what? You’ve just been a victim of the job scammers!!!


Well, it’s easy to be fooled if you lack information. And reading the information below will make you informed and wiser. Trust us, we know that better than anyone else on this planet, because we have been studying this for years.

A. http://shell-ng.org/default.htm is NOT Shell Nigeria.

Shell Nigeria official website is http://www.shell.com/home/Framework?siteId=nigeria and NOT http://shell-ng.org/default.htm.

There is a BIG difference between the two, even though http://shell-ng.org/default.htm appears to be genuine, but it isn’t; http://shell-ng.org/default.htm is just a illegal copy of http://www.shell.com/home/Framework?siteId=nigeria

B. Based on our research and analysis of all available information, we had assessed that http://shell-ng.org/default.htm is a daring copy of http://www.shell.com/home/Framework?siteId=nigeria.


1. http://shell-ng.org/default.htm is a website with no REAL background whatsoever.

2. Before you paste http://shell-ng.org/default.htm into your address bar MAKE SURE your pop-up blocker is ACTIVE and your antivirus system is ON. Why? Go on.

3. When you go to the address, your browser will indicate: “22 pop-ups blocked” and you’ll also be notified the http://shell-ng.org/default.htm website is a virus-land.

4. At the shell-ng.org contact page, that is, http://shell-ng.org/shell_nigeria__contact_us.htm, the job scammers indicate fake addresses and dangerous emails. Do NOT use any of these, as they are all belonging to SCAMMERS. Go here if you want to contact Shell Nigeria.
There is a BIG difference between Shell Nigeria’s real contact details and those indicated by the scammers, isn’t it?

5. The entire website is so poorly “designed” (excuse us, we meant to say COPIED)
that you can’t even click on, what should have been, links. See http://shell-ng.org/shell_nigeria__jobs_and_careers.htm

6. The job scammers are so daring that they even copied the Scam Alert information: http://shell-ng.org/shell_nigeria__scam_alert.htm

7. This copied website, http://shell-ng.org, even tries to offer some “legitimate” support to a so called recruitment agency, Amigo Recruitment Agency. See here, bottom of the page: http://shell-ng.org/shell_nigeria__contact_us.htm. This action was made with an obvious
purpose: to allow Amigo Recruitment Agency to pretend they are working for Shell and to direct any potential jobseekers to, you guessed, to exactly this page http://shell-ng.org/shell_nigeria__contact_us.htm and tell them “See, we are even mentioned on Shell Nigeria webpage, thus you can trust us!”

8. Let’s share a secret: the same guys that copied the Real Shell Nigeria website and put a fake site on http://shell-ng.org are THE SAME guys behind Amigo Recruitment Agency.

9. Print Screens containing the proofs can be found below. [SEE END OF THIS POST]

10. So what did you loose? You lost your personal information (you have are an Identity Theft Victim), you lost your banking information (the job scammers know it), you lost money (hey, money isn’t everything, but you lost it!), but most importantly, you lost your and your family security: the job scammers know your address, telephone numbers, bank details. And this is extremely bad!



Now you are informed and wiser. Keep in mind that not everything that seems to be real, is real indeed. Be thankful you got here and read this information. It may or may not save you a few thousand dollars, but it surely will save thousands of dollars of tens of nice people in the US, Canada, UK, India, a guy in your city or your neighbor.

If ever in doubt, please refer to Oil Offshore Marine Beware Job Scams Info or contact us for free advice. Oil Offshore Marine is always more than glad to help you.

For all the above reasons, it is obviously clear that the intent of the scammers was to steal Shell’s corporate identity (which they did by copying an entire website), to claim that they represent Shell, and to use Shell’s name for FRAUD purposes wishing to obtain illegal gains.

Attention: The information on Shell Nigeria http://shell-ng.org [the job scammers copied the information from the real Shell Nigeria website, http://www.shell.com] OR coming from shellnigeria@shell-ng.org, info.career@shell-ng.org, employment@shell-ng.org, is completely false, inaccurate, and misleading. These are all FAKES designed to fool the jobseekers.

This has been an article from
Oil Offshore Marine
Oil Offshore Marine Beware of Job Scams

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