Online Safety – A Must For All Having An Internet Presence

Ok, so you are online, browsing the web. Yes, you are online right now, because you are reading this. This means you have an “internet presence”, not a physical presence, but a virtual one.

You are well aware of the fact you must protect yourself in the real (not virtual) live.

Spam, Scam, Identity Theft, Adware, Malware, Spyware, Hackers

Are you aware that you should be even more cautious during your internet presence? Some of you know how to protect themselves in the virtual world, other don’t. Still, the information below is of crucial importance to ANY person using the internet.

Free PC Security is an excellent information knowledge-base containing helpful insights on many issues related to online security. We highly recommend getting familiar with the information posted, since it’s in your best interest to be correctly informed.

Some articles:
1. Social Networking and Safety
2. Dumb Things You Can Do To Ruin Your PC
3. CCleaner – Erase your browsing history safely

and many more


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