Active Community Support from Oil Offshore Marine

Oil Offshore Marine Community Support

How: people contacting us once they saw the information from or simply emailed us for support.
Why: because it’s the way it should be.
Results: simply amazing! We’re glad we are of help!

We have passed the line of 5,000 people we have helped avoid job scams (mainly), and also financial scams, other 419 forms, and ultimately avoid loss of money, credit card data and personal identity.

Our records as of now indicate 5,284 people (according to our accounted numbers) have been helped using direct contact with us. Yet, the number is bigger in terms of indirect help (meaning those that did not contact us, yet they stopped the “negotiations” with the scammers once they read the information we had posted); but of course we cannot quantify the indirect help.

Accordingly, this means we had helped 5,284 different people avoid job scams or other scams and having spent time and efforts discussing with every single one of them!

This has been a great community support and we’re very proud of getting to this point.

We’ll continue providing active community support services to those in need.

For more information, refer to:


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