Fake Website: www.ukdetour.com

Information provided by Oil Offshore Marine

Fake Website: http://www.ukdetour.com

http://www.ukdetour.com is a fake website.

2 Responses to “Fake Website: www.ukdetour.com”

  1. elizabethsam Says:

    The same thing happened to me by ukdetour agency I paid a GBP Amt of 1400 on feb 2008 to UK detour for applying a job in Global Marine shipping corporatrion as Iam not well right I enquired the money to refund to UKdetour they accepted and told U contact the Halisfax bank immeditely and I mailed them no response from the bank after that I called in the no:7024030948 to Global Marine on march 3rd 2008 for refund the money they said I will after that from the bank side they sent me an mail that I have to pay an GBP of320 amt to transfer my GBPamt of 1400

    My Email Id is [REMOVED]. pls tell the way if I can get the GBP amt 1400 whom should I contact Pls mail me as soon asand what are theprocedures I should make to take action against them

  2. Oil Offshore Marine Says:

    Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to get your money back. You should have contacted us before sending them the money.

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