Fake Employer – Empire Petroleum SA Spain

Empire Petroleum SA Spain
Costa del Sol Edif., 28008 Madrid – Spain; http://www.empirepetrol.net is a scam website; hrdept@empirepetrol.com is used by scammers

5 Responses to “Fake Employer – Empire Petroleum SA Spain”

  1. redrees Says:

    yes.. i have recivied an offer from them.

  2. dchahine Says:

    I just got an e-mail from Empire with an offer letter. Now they have my entire resume and information. What is the scam? What do they do with the information???

    Please help…

  3. Oil Offshore Marine Says:

    Wait for them to ask for your money, and once they do you’ll see what the scam is.

    In the meantime, your private details can be used on forged passports, credit card applications and so forth

  4. mohamedbehairy Says:

    i have already recieve a contract from empire petroleum company in span from pedro lopez !
    what is your advice?

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